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Privacy policy and cookies of the “Krakowski Rocznik Archiwalny” website

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  2. The website does not automatically collect information, with the exception of information contained in cookies.
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  4. The organ placing cookies on the user’s end device as well as with access to them is the operator of the website, in other words, the National Archives in Krakow with its headquarters at 22E Rakowicka Street, 31-510 Krakow.
  5. We use cookies to create statistics, which help us to understand how the website is used. Thanks to this, we can work to improve the structure and content of the website.
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  7. Efficient cookies are used as they allow the collection of information about how the website is used.
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More information on the subject of cookies is available, among others, at wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie, youronlinechoices.com or in the “Help” section in the Internet browser menu.