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The review procedure in “Krakowski Rocznik Archiwalny”

  1. The Editorial Team of the magazine conducts a formal evaluation of the submitted text (for more information regarding this stage, click For authors, and then Publishing process). If the text is accepted, the team informs the author, removes the personal data of the author from the paper and passes it on for review.
  2. To assess each scientific text, a minimum of two independent reviewers who are specialists in the field that the reviewed text concerns are appointed.
  3. During this process, the Editorial Team does not reveal the names of the reviewers. The list of reviewers cooperating with the publication of a given volume is found in each volume as well as on the website of the journal, in the section Reviewers.
  4. Reviews concern: papers, miscellanea and source materials published in the journal. Reviews do not cover, however: posthumous memoires, reviews and discussions as well as reports placed in the section Chronicle.
  5. Reviews are performed (since Volume 18) in a double-blind model, in other words, the author and reviewers do not know the identities of the others.
  6. During the review process, the principle of non-conflict of interest between the author and reviewers is followed. A conflict of interest is understood as: professional subordination, scientific cooperation in the two years prior to the review, a direct personal relationship, or other relationships that may disturb the impartiality of the reviewers. A description of the ethical duties of reviewers is found in Ethical principles of publication, in the section Ethical principles for reviewers.
  7. Reviews are prepared using the review form (docx, 17KB). Reviewers pass on the completed form to the Editorial Team by e-mail, post or directly to the headquarters of the Editorial Team.
  8. A condition for a text to qualify for the next stage of the publishing process is that it must receive two positive reviews. In the event of a dispute regarding a paper being accepted or rejected for publication, the Scientific Council of the journal will take the final decision.
  9. The Editorial Team informs the author about the result of the review and sends it to the author for inspection, in an anonymous form. The author then has the duty to take the suggestions and comments of the reviewers into account and to modify and supplement the text by the term designated by the Editorial Team.

Information on the preparation of texts for publication as well as the publishing process can be found in the section For authors.